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In Each Module

Each module is built with the same structure and sets of resources, including a scaled, 5-level curriculum for teachers, online data visualizations and activities for students, and user-friendly tools for accessing and exploring NOAA data. 


Story Map

The Story Maps contain a series of five web-based lessons (Levels 1-5) that provide a stepped entry into a series of authentic data investigations that increase in complexity and student-directedness. Each Story Map also contains a ‘Get Data’ tab that provides direct access to all data tools within the module.


Teacher Guide

A Teacher Guide (PDF) provides background information, detailed instructions on the use of the data tools and suggestions for guiding students through the exploration of real-world data.


Student Worksheets

Student worksheets complement each of the five lessons in the module. They are provided as editable PDFs and PPT files that can be downloaded, edited or posted to school learning platforms.