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Data in the Classroom

Put Real-Time Data to Work in Your Classroom

With NOAA’s Data in the Classroom, students use historical and real-time NOAA data to explore today’s most pressing environmental issues. Each of the five modules addresses research questions, includes stepped levels of engagement and builds students’ abilities to understand, interpret, and think critically about data. Explore the online modules and educator resources below.

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El Niño
People blame El Niño for all kinds of abnormal weather. But how does El Niño really work?
El Niño Resources
Sea Level
Scientists know that global sea level is rising. But how are water levels monitored and measured to understand impacts?
Sea Level Resources
Coral Bleaching
Coral reefs undergo bleaching when exposed to heat stress. But how do scientists measure and predict bleaching?
Coral Bleaching Resources
Water Quality
Changes in water quality conditions have a big impact on organisms living in estuaries. But how is water quality monitored?
Water Quality Resources
Ocean Acidification
The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing, due to the burning of fossil fuels. How do these changes affect ocean chemistry?
Ocean Acidification Resources


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